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Lumex Rollators for Extra Mobility

Lumex Rollators for Extra Mobility in Exciting Colors and Extraordinary Value Lumex Rollators are both excellent mobility aids and versatile in their rainbow of colors and full range of sizes. Why be limited to an old fashion look when one can choose a favorite color in the right height and weight to start cruising in style. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRLog (Press Release) - Aug 15, 2012 - specializes in a full line of rollators and walkers for every situation and individual. Lumex is a well known manufacturer of many Home Health Products that will help with mobility in, around and outside the house. A full line of well priced walkers and rollators will give you lots of choices to find just what is needed at a very affordable price. Rollators come in three or four wheels in your choice of exactly what you are looking for in a beautiful assortment of great colors! The Lumex Walkabout Four-Wheel Contour Deluxe rollator, # RJ4805 offers a comfortable and affordable solution to mobility. offers these for a low sale price of only $108 including free shipping! Designed with an aluminum frame, this lightweight rollator has 8" casters, weighs only 16.5 lbs and supports up to a 300 lb weight capacity. The Walkabout folds quickly and easily into a compact unit for storage and transport. It has ergonomic hand grips, easy to operate locking and “quick stop” loop brakes (pull up to stop; push down to lock), padded seat for added comfort and removable padded contoured backbar for extra support. The handle height is adjustable to accommodate a broad range of user heights. Its durable 8" wheels are for indoor and outdoor use –ideal for rugged terrain. And it comes with a basket too that can be placed underneath the seat or in front for carrying personal items. Choose from four great colors of lavender, champagne, burgundy or royal blue. The Lumex Walkabout Wide Four-Wheel Rollator, # RJ4318 is similar to the one described above but wider to accommodate a larger user. It offers a lightweight and affordable solution with now MORE added comfort. Designed with a wider aluminum frame, this lightweight rollator now offers a width inside the handgrips of 18.5" providing more room than that of traditional rollators without having to go to a bariatric model. The seat itself is 15.5" giving a roomier sitting space. Weighing only 16 lbs, the rollator also supports up to 350 lb weight capacity. The Walkabout folds quickly and easily into a compact unit for storage and transport. Other features include: Ergonomic hand grips, easy to operate locking and “quick stop” loop brakes, wide padded seat for added comfort, removable padded straight backbar with easy release pull knobs, adjustable handle height to accommodate broad range of user heights, 6" wheel for indoor and smooth outdoor use, basket included that can be placed underneath seat or in front for carrying of personal items and now with added rear reflectors that increase visibility at night. The color selection is great: Aqua, Lavender, Champagne, Black, Burgundy, Royal Blue, Pink or Teal Green. Lumex even has a great deal for the heavier folks that weigh up to 500lbs. The Lumex Deluxe Four Wheeled Bariatric Rollator, # RJ4200A is a versatile walker with four oversize 8" casters that provide a soft ride over all types of terrain. It weighs 24 1/2 lbs. and comes with a basket and removable tray. The price is under $120, including free shipping, which is far lower than any other rollator built for extra big people. Another heavy weight model is the Imperial, # RJ4402R and # RJ4405, with a nice comfortable wide seat of 20" selling for a low $158, a remarkable value for bariatric models of this quality. In addition to these great rollators, Lumex also makes many more well priced models. One useful variety, the Lumex Sit N' Go # RJ4700 comes with an adjustable seat height that will accommodate several different users of various heights. Another very popular choice is the three wheel rollators, # 609201, best for people who need some walking assistance but do not need a seat or more stability of a four wheel version. The three wheelers are lighter and are very easy to fold for transport. They come in three great colors, a beautiful bondi blue, metallic burgundy, and pewter metallic. The Lumex Walker with 5" wheels offers a comfortable, lightweight and affordable solution to mobility. Designed with an aluminum frame, this lightweight walker weighs only 6 lbs and supports up to a 300 lb weight capacity. This walker folds quickly and easily into a compact unit for storage and transport. You can be sure of a great folding walker, best price and super color choices of black, blue, red, gold, plum and pink. At the modest price of $59.99, the Lumex Adult Walker with 5" Wheels ColorSelect product # 716270, is often purchased in a variety of colors to accessorize an outfit for the fashionistas we know and love. The HybridLX is an innovative rollator that combines the function of a wheeled rollator walker and a transport chair into one lightweight design. Keeping the person's desire for independence and comfort in mind, the HybridLX is designed with secure handgrips, a comfortable and wide seat and backrest, and the effortless design to transition from a rollator to a transport chair. This means that the user can have both the function of a rollator to walk with and then when they want a rest can sit in the seat, and have a companion push them as if they were in a lightweight wheel chair, with foot rests too. The lightweight frame is durable with an aluminum frame that weighs only 22 lbs (this includes footrests) making it easier for users to move about freely, walk or ride, whichever fits their needs at the moment. The Hybrid concept is designed to be used primarily as a rollator while easily transforming into a transport chair with removable footrests (adjustable in length) when user needs a short rest. It has a ultra-compact design which is easy to assemble without the need for tools and folds effortlessly for convenient transport and storage. It comes with easy-to-use handbrakes which allow for short and longer period braking when used as rollator and transport chair (user must be accompanied when using as atransport chair) The large 8" wheels allow for easy rolling indoor and outdoor on rough surfaces. It comes complete with storage pouch for personal items and is available in attractive, contemporary colors of titanium # LX1000T and majestic blue # LX1000B. These hybrids are the best of two worlds to either walk or roll in style. Whatever the individual's needs or style, Lumex is an excellent choice for terrific value and beautiful modern color choices on all mobility aids. The experts at are happy to help with all their customers special needs. Always friendly personal phone assistance, FREE shipping for all orders over $50 and best prices anywhere! --- End ---

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Lift Chairs

Need a Lift? This Comfortable Recliner will help you lie down, sit or stand with a push of a button
Golden Technologies Lift Chairs are second to none in their comfort, easy use, styling and fair price for a high quality recliner. Many features, sizes and colors give you the opportunity to get exactly what is needed for the ultimate in relaxation.


PRLog (Press Release) - Feb 16, 2012 -
Golden Technologies has expertly crafted and engineered quiet and safe lift systems to all their beautiful and well made chairs. With prices starting as low as $609, including delivery and one year in home service, these Lift Chairs provide comfort and relaxation with soft and cushioned recliners that are both stylish and practical. With lumbar support and extra stability combined with superior design, fabrics and expert craftsmanship these chairs are the ones the experts at always recommend.

By just pushing the easy to use control buttons you can recline with feet up to your most comfortable position and when you want to get up you can easily push the control button and it will gradually and safely lift you to a more upright position making it much easier to get up out of these most comfy chairs. These chairs come in a wide variety of sizes and you can choose to add luxurious heat and massage options to customize to your heart's desire.

Choose a favorite color and style, there are so many it is easy and affordable to order one that is just perfect. For example, Golden Technologies Relaxer Maxi-Comfort series is a Zero Gravity Lift Chair and Recliner (PR-756) The MaxiComfort Ultimate Recline Technology is made for for correct spinal alignment, back pressure relief and improved circulation. Golden’s patented MaxiComfort Ultimate Recline Technology is standard on the Relaxer Medium and Relaxer Large. When it's time to relax and unwind, allow Golden Technologies' patent-pending Maxi-Comfort Zero-Gravity Positioning Technology to offer you more positioning comfort than any other lift chair and recliner chair available today. MaxiComfort allows you to recline in the zero gravity-like position developed by NASA, reducing lower back pain and relieving muscle tension. You can also elevate the hips to relieve lower back pain or recline with your feet above your heart to relieve swelling in your legs, ankles and feet.

When you slip into a MaxiComfort chair, your body is transported into a blissful, relaxed state. These chairs offer optimal comfort positions that promote health, wellness and relaxation for both your body and your mind. Have a seat and discover for yourself why MaxiComfort lift and recline chairs are the world’s most comfortable. The MaxiComfort system transfers you effortlessly and smoothly through multiple lift and recline positions. The most common are the TV Watching, Sleep, Zero-Gravity and Trendelenburg positions. MaxiComfort is the only seating system that gives you this many recline features and lifts you to the standing position, all at the touch of a button.

In April, the new Golden Technologies Maxi Comfort Series Cloud Lift/Recliner will be available for shipping. Whether you’re looking for a lift chair to spend most of your day and night in, or you’re looking for a chair that will rejuvenate you after a long day at work, look no further than the MaxiComfort Cloud – the most comfortable lift chair Golden Technologies has ever built! With an overstuffed, oversized biscuit style back, the Cloud features a unique seat and chaise pad design that cradles you in comfort and features the patented MaxiComfort Ultimate Recline Technology with AutoDrive hand control. It has three pre-programmed buttons and two programmable memory buttons to save that perfect position! Generously filled, wide armrests for enhanced arm support when sitting or reclining. The Golden Technologies "Cloud" is the most comfortable chair they have ever made.

A lift chair is a wonderful gift for yourself, Mom, Dad, Grandparents or anyone who could use a "lift". For the best selection, prices and free delivery, visit the experts at ...

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Ergonomic Mobility Aids

Karman Wheelchairs are State-of-the-Art Ergonomic Mobility Aids that are Ultra Lightweight!
With an aging population the need for wheelchairs is becoming more important. The weight, comfort and support of each chair is vastly different giving the user and caregiver either a pain in the a** or back or a smooth comfy ride.

When mobility is challenged due to accident, surgery, disease or age a wheelchair is an essential part of life. There is a huge selection of wheelchairs on the market and obtaining the right one for yourself, a loved one or a client is a daunting task that usually is done without enough information. At you will find a full selection of all kinds of wheelchairs and expert help in finding the best choice for your situation at the lowest prices available anywhere which include free shipping to your door.

Karman Wheelchairs are ultra lightweight and have a supportive seating system to provide pressure relief and anti-slippage giving the user excellent stability and posture support. The Karman wheelchairs are exceptional in both their function and style. These ergonomically designed chairs are a best seller for good reasons. The Karman S-105 ultra lightweight wheelchair does not have a flat back and seat that is so common in other chairs. This series of wheelchairs has ergonomic S-shape seating to conform to and support the natural body shape with seating and back comfort while helping to protect against pressure sores and backaches. This model of the Karman ergonomic series has fixed armrests and footrest but other Karmans have desk arms or removable arms. You can choose, swing away footrests and elevating too.

The weight of a wheelchair is crucial to any caregiver that needs to fold and lift the chair into a car trunk. The Karman wheelchairs are under 30 lbs which is a big change from the usual heavy chairs. The Karman Super Lightweight Transport Ergonomic Wheelchair is a favorite for the users and those who help them. This is the newest and lightest Karman ergonomic transport wheelchair. It weighs only 18 pounds making it the lightest high quality transporter on the market. It has a beautiful modern design without the bulk of other chairs. This is a great choice for the person sitting in the chair and the one pushing it too: in addition to its super light weight, it has hand brake levers for the attendant that are lockable for added safety control and the backrest/seat fold easily to transport it in the car or traveling.

The Karman line of mobility products also includes superior wheelchairs that recline and standup. You can find them at the lowest sale prices at where you can be assured of expert advice and honest friendly service. When one needs a wheelchair, get a lightweight one with the right functionality and ride on in style.

Rollator Transport Chairs

Wheelchairs and Walkers too!
Wendy's Walkers Home Health Supplies announces the answer to the question, "What do I get for my elderly Mom or Dad to help them move around safely, a wheelchair or walker?" Now you can have both in one easy to use mobility aid, on sale shipped free!

Rollator Transport Chairs combine a sturdy four wheel walker rollator with a transport chair (it can be used as you would use a lightweight wheelchair). These hybrids have the capability of a rollator to walk with and then sit on the seat when a rest is needed and also the ability to allow a companion to push you when you are seated. Choose from the excellent brands of Karman, Drive, Medline, Lumex or Airgo Transport Rollator Chairs is proud to offer these hybrid rollator walker wheelchairs ... . The newest model they carry is the Airgo Navigator which offers the ultimate in convenience, quality, and portability. It delivers, in one device, a revolutionary advance beyond the conventional rolling walker. When the user needs to rest, it quickly transforms from a rolling walker into a transport chair. This product is the ideal solution for maintaining an active, healthy and independent lifestyle while also providing the convenience of mobility assistance. The Navigator folds easily into an amazingly small, lightweight and portable configuration for storage. This unique, patent-protected product offers significant and unprecedented flexibility for people to greatly improve their mobility. This combo rolling walker plus transport chair has height adjustable handle bars for proper posture support and large ergonomic handles with easy locking brakes. The tool-free assembly enables this walker to set up quickly and it can easily fold into a small, lightweight and portable configuration for storage. The Navigator is designed to support adults up to 250 lbs. and its extra large 8” wheels give you reliable stability for more confidence and security when walking indoors or outdoors. ...

On the wide selection of excellent hybrid mobility aids range from $169.99 to $329 which are extremely reduced prices from what one would normally find for as versatile and superior products. Expert assistance and friendly customer service assures you the very best buying experience. When you or a loved one's mobility needs a helping hand, these hybrid walker rollator lightweight wheelchairs could be just the answer you are looking for. Now, if you have a mobility challenged mom or dad, husband, wife or anyone else, you CAN take them with you!

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Dolomite Walkers Rollators Big Sale!

Dolomite Walkers Rollators Big Sale! Walk On Safely and Expand Your Mobility with Comfort and Style carries a wide selection of state-of-the-art walkers. Dolomite Rollators are now a featured mobility aid chosen for their superior functionality and modern styling. Reduce the risk of falling, increase independence and self-esteem.

Getting from place to place is difficult when ones walking ability becomes challenged. Whether through accident, surgery, aging or a host of many reasons, there comes a time when mobility assistance may be needed. The Dolomite line of walkers and rollators can improve the life of people with many different conditions. These walkers have won numerous awards for their design. They all have forward facing handles which promotes better posture. The frames fold for ease of transporting and storage. Curb climbers assist in lifting the walker over an obstacle. The addition of a molded seat attached to the frame allows the user to rest along the way. The combination of many great features in addition to their excellent styling gives these walkers a "leg up" on the competition. is an excellent online resource for complete information and expert help in selection on the full line of products including tremendous wholesale discounts to those lucky to find this excellent site staffed with professionals who care about their clients and go the extra step to help make the selection and buying process as stress free as possible.. There you will see all the possibilities to help one whose mobility is challenged regain a more independent lifestyle. With stability help and support provided by a well chosen walker rollator, there will be less of a chance of an accidental fall and more chance of the user getting more exercise and being happier with a little more freedom to go where they need to go.

One of the most sought after Dolomite Rollators is the "Soprano." This is a heavy-duty walker with 10" wheels that provides excellent performance on rough, uneven ground, making it ideal for active outdoor users. With a unique cable free braking system there are no exposed cables leading from the hand brakes to the wheels. This provides more safety and a sleek, clean styling which is much appreciated but the users. The Soprano has a wide sturdy frame and reinforced seat which has a weight capacity of up to 355 lbs. The handles are adjustable to the exact needed height and inward angle up to 15 degrees. The gently wedged-shaped hand grips provide a comfortable hand position for all hand sizes. For a smooth comfortable ride the Dolomite Soprano is an excellent choice. ...

The other Dolomites include the "Melody" which is another nice model with 8 inch wheels, the "Symphony" combines the style and sophistication with a lightweight aluminum frame, the "Legacy" is a high quality indoor/outdoor that comes in three different heights and the "Jazz" has an innovative side to side folding mechanism for easy transport and use. Each model has its own specifications which can be selected according to individual needs. You can be assured if it is a Dolomite product than it is quality and will provide years of maintenance free service. is your trusted online resource for home health supplies and mobility needs. They are the experts to help you find exactly what you need for the best price, with free delivery to your door and by shopping online they will "do the walking for you." For those with mobility challenges, the Dolomite line of walkers/rollators are an excellent choice.

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Golden Technologies LiteRider Mobility Scooters

The All-New Golden Technologies LiteRider Mobility Scooters are Compact and Portable (GL140 & GL110)
Why watch the action when one can still be part of it with a full sized easy to transport mobility scooter? An electric scooter will help you get more out of life and enjoy some independence. The all-new LiteRider from Golden Tech is available now.


The LiteRider by Golden Technologies is a full-size scooter with all of the benefits of a compact, portable scooter! The LiteRider comes in either a three wheel (GL110) or four wheel model (GL140). It is simple for either model to be quickly and wirelessly disassembled for transport or storage and then put back together with ease. This new scooter from Golden Tech features better range, more attractive styling and an updated tubular frame design which supports more weight capacity. The LiteRider features 9" modern black, low-profile tires on high-strength steel rims with shiny hubcaps. Its plush, comfortable 17" wide by 16" deep black vinyl stadium style seat has an adjustable seat height and armrests and a full 360 degree swivel mechanism for easy transfers on and off the scooter. A unique feature consumers will appreciate are the two standard storage baskets - one on the delta tiller and one under the seat, which also features dual bottle holders. The LiteRider scooter is available in gorgeous deep shades of red and blue.

Golden Technologies is a well known reliable brand of electric scooters. This new LiteRider scooter is a great choice for a very well priced yet fully functional battery powered mobility aid. The rider can have a travel range of almost 10 miles with a speed up to 5 mph, depending on the incline surface and weight of the person. The three wheel model has a turning radius of 39" which makes it useful indoors and out. The four wheel model's turning radius is 48" which is better in a more open indoor space and ideal for outside with maximum stability. The weight of the whole 4 wheel scooter is 129 pounds. The front half is 52 lbs, the rear is 28 lbs, the seat with arms weighs only 22 lbs and the battery pack is 25 lbs. When easily disassembled each piece can be put in the car for transporting then put together quickly to get rolling again. Both scooters have electronic speed control to choose how fast the rider wants to go in the particular location. They also have electro-mechanical brakes for safety. The battery pack has 2-18AH batteries and has off board charging. The sale price is almost half off the list price for these excellent scooters. They are a tremendous value at $1295 for the 3 wheel model and $1395 for the 4 wheeler. Not only are these being sold at an incredible low price but the delivery is absolutely free and it comes with a full year of in home service at no additional cost to the consumer. This is one sweet deal!

At you will find a great selection of other scooters, wheelchairs, lift chairs and much more. You will be given expert, sensitive and friendly help in finding the best choice for your situation at the lowest prices available anywhere which always includes free shipping to your door. ... ...